Kelsey and Thaddeus (Denver, CO)


Kelsey and Thaddeus are just delightful! Their wedding was at Green Gables Country Club in Denver, CO. The country club was formed in the 20's when Jews were discriminated from golf clubs nationwide. This club made a big impact in the anti-racism movement. Unfortunately, the club is going to be torn down and made into condos so this was their last wedding. A bitter-sweet opportunity for Kelsey and Thaddeus to celebrate their marriage at a place that won't even exist in the near future. Kelsey found me through an author from Oklahoma City who I photographed years ago. I was so excited to capture this couple because they have such an amazing story. Both of them met as missionaries in Africa. After graduating high school Kelsey started a missions organization in Uganda called ROWAN which stands for Rual Orphans Widows Aids Network. They help widows develop micro enterprise by teaching business classes and helping them dream about creating opportunities for income. They offer school scholarships to widows and orphans and fund some of their supplies as well as providing tutoring. They also offer medical/dental checkups and health care training. If you want to get involved and support what they are doing over there purchase some Beads of Hope or just donate money to ROWAN.