Justin Wilczynski

The first time I laid eyes on Justin, he was playing the opposite role as my sister in their 8th grade play, Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I remember pretending to be the protective older brother when meeting the little kid who was holding my sisters hand on stage. Regardless of how intimidating I was we grew to become good friends into our high school years and have grown closer ever since.

Years ago Justin left our small town of San Luis Obispo for the big city lights of Hollywood to pursue a career of modeling and acting. He has done well in the modeling world and also recently landed a role in an MTV dramatization called Kaya. He plays a lead guitar player named Taylor in the story about a band that makes it big. It has been so amazing to watch my friend pursue his dreams and to watch his hard work paying off. And this is just the start for Justin. He is also practicing diligently with his band, Bonnie Dune, to prepare for playing shows this winter.

We had a fun little shoot at one of my favorite used book stores downtown. Justin needed some shots for editorial work he is doing for a magazine. If these shots end up getting used I will post the end product. Stay tuned and check out Justins band Bonnie Dune and buy a CD!