Just Married!

Well, we are home at last and getting started with this new married life stuff. We had a wonderful honeymoon and a perfectly amazing wedding day! Anna has been busy nesting ever since we returned a week ago. I am back in full swing gearing up for a busy year of engagement sessions and weddings. So many exciting weddings to come!

These are a few shots that I took with my Canon Elph while exploring the city streets of Vancouver, Canada. It was such a lovely place. We spent many romantic rainy walks under the umbrella and cozy evenings playing double solitaire in front of the fireplace. It was just what the both of us needed to detox after a busy 4-month wedding preparation rush.

We flew into Vancouver, took a ferry ride across the water to Victoria island, and caught a bus ride downtown in search of our first bed & breakfast. After the bus dropped us off we were a little lost. Anna is either consulting a map or People magazine. Not sure...

Here we are having 'high tea' at the Butchart Gardens. It was a very girly day walking through the acres of gardens and finishing our day off with tea and crumpets. Anna was in honeymoon heaven! I kinda liked it myself.

If I ever shoot a wedding in Vancouver I will make the bride and groom go to this alley in Gas Town for photographs... I'LL MAKE THEM! The contrast of color and black & white would be right up my alley... literally. ;)

Anna likes to make me pose for pictures anytime she thinks I look cute or something. Then she say's 'SMILE!' This is all I give her.

We ate...drank...and were marry.

A little 'Time Crisis 2' to liven things up. We spent $20 and almost won... almost. This is my favorite arcade game!

I was stabbed through the heart with a love straw!

I will post a little recap about my wedding and all of the wonderful people that made it possible later. We still can't believe that everything turned out as amazing as it did. As Anna says 'See... God really love's us.'