Jose Villa's Super 8

Words. Words can't describe the gratitude we feel towards Jose Villa for shooting Super 8 at our wedding. The moment I saw this medium I fell in love with it's timeless nature and it's ability to convey emotion through movement and song. It is the icing on our wedding memory cake. Every time my wife watches this she has to be holding my hand and she most certainly always sheds a few tears! The perfect thing about this medium is the fact that it is completely share-able. If we had a 30-60 minute wedding DVD, I highly doubt that most of our friends would bear sitting through a showing. The complete edit is less than 12 minutes with a few songs highlighting all of the significant moments of the day. Gina at Lola Video edited it perfectly and made up this abbreviated version for blog-ability. Thank you Jose! And thank You Gina!

I recently bought my own Super 8 camera and will be offering the service in the future to all of my wedding clients. It has infected my creativity and I can’t wait to start shooting it!

Jose and I had a shoot off during the family pictures. I think I may have lost. My digital elf was no match for the power of his Contax!