Jen & Mike (Los Osos)


The mountains are seriously alive these days and I'm loving shooting all over them! Jen + Mike were a deeelight! They are having a destination wedding at the Santa Margarita Ranch just next month. They found SMR on wedding blogs and the like and immediately fell in love with the history, the walls, the garden, the cattle in the distance, etc. They said that they want to keep the rustic feel, but romanticize it just a little. I'm excited to see what they come up with!

I asked Jen to share about how they met and she said, "I am an ER nurse and he is a paramedic. We knew of each other but didn't really know anything about one another. One of our nurses coordinated a night out after our shift to meet the firemen. Mike and I started talking and really hit it off. Started showing eachother pictures of our dogs, chatting like crazy. He tried to hold my hand as we crossed the street...

The only bummer was that he left the next day for Ireland for 2 weeks. So, I went back to work and oddly kept wondering when he would return. Finally, he showed up at work, bringing in a patient. I turned bright red and ran away. Which also must have made him nervous. His line was hilarious; "So, maybe i could get your number so i could watch your dog for you sometime..." I gave it to him anyways..."