Jason + Jessica {Engagement, Camarillo}

I love my job because it constantly exposes me to new places and new people. Photography is so much more about connecting with people than pushing a button on a metal box. A lot of the couples that book me do so through email and over the phone. Often times I meet them for the first time at their engagement session like I did with Jason and Jessica. I never know what to entirely expect, so I just cruise and flex.

Anna and I show up to their house in Camarillo which looks like a war zone due to intense remodeling. We were greeted at the fence by a short, fat and sharp fanged dog that looked like it could rip my head off if it could only jump 6 feet. I didnt take any chances and decided to call instead of step over the fence and approach the house. It turns out the dog was one of the sweetest most influential dogs I have ever met.

Like most dudes, Jason admitted right away that he didnt even understand the purpose of the engagement session. I loved his honesty and told him that I would sell him on the amazing purpose of it by the end of our time together. Jessica appeared out of her bedroom wearing what looks like a quincineras costume. Jason asks if she could wear one of her other dresses. She simply states that she doesnt want to and we are out the door just like that. What am I getting myself into?!

An awesome new friendship and a few beautiful images of Jason and Jessicas love story.

Jason has this thing for cars. Call it an obsession. Call it a disease even, but the dude has what looked like half a dozen muscle cars parked in and around his garage. He fixes them up and sells them as needed. The guy has skills! Jessica owns her own body art business called Henna Caravan. Both Jason and Jessica are amazing artists in their own crafts which makes it even more of an honor to have been chosen as their wedding photographer. I cant wait for next week!