Jake + Nancy {San Luis Obispo}

Nancy was the most excited bride I have experienced in the history of brides.com! She actually contacted me for the first time like 3 and a half years ago about shooting her wedding. She was excited then and boy was she excited on her wedding day! My wife, Anna went to high school with Jake and Nancy so it was a bit like shooting a party full of old friends, except I was meeting most of them for the first time.

They got married at one of our most favorite restaurants in town; Novo. The entire back deck was reserved for Jake and Nancy’s most beautiful wedding ceremony and dinner reception. It overlooks the creek in the heart of downtown SLO. We were able to get some amazing pictures around the creek area after the ceremony. Since Nancy was so freakin’ obsessed (and excited!) about photography, I was allowed to flourish in my element. Nancy would catch me getting lost looking into the trees and across the cement walls for the magical light. She would say, ‘I see your mind working! Do whatever you want with us!’ I had died and gone to wedding photographer heaven. Nancy would yell out to anyone that walked, ‘I just got MARRIED!!!’

Their personal vows were the best. The words they exchanged were so intimate and humorous that I really began to see a picture of their beautiful love for one another. Jake started out saying, ‘This was the easiest writing assignment of my life.’ The love that flowed between them made their wedding the easiest photo shoot of my life! ;)