Havyn {Anna Ingalls -Babies}

San Luis Obispo baby portrait taken by Anna IngallsI really love being a photography team with my wife, Anna! I shoot the weddings and she shoots the babies. This special little guy is Havyn. I photographed his parents wedding 5 years ago before I even had a blog. I remember their engagement session so clearly because we shot for hours while I was trying out my brand new digital camera. I must have shot 500 images, which was a crazy deal for someone who was used to shooting only 64 images (2 rolls) at a portrait session. This picture of Havyn reminds me of a similar shot I took of Jeremy + Sarah in BooBoos Records. Hold on… I have to find it!

Alright, I’m back and I found their engagement session on an old dusty harddrive from 2004! (which feels like eons ago!) How amazing is this parallel?! I shot part of their engagement session in BooBoos because that is where they met when Jeremy worked there. Anna photographed Havyn on his one year birthday and took the record player shot independent of me. Wow, this whole partnership thing can be wonderfully creepy at times. ;)

Oh yeah, check out Anna’s blog to see the rest of Hayvn’s first year photographs!

San Luis Obispo baby portrait taken by Anna Ingalls I know that couples getting married don’t think too much about having kids right away, but it is inevitable so tuck away the idea of hiring Anna to photograph your growing family some months or years down the road. We recently created a new ‘Ingalls Family Discount’ for anyone who has hired me to photograph their wedding so that we can document all of the stages of your love, marriage, and family. Contact me for details!