Happy Birthday Bear!

baby photograph of Asher Ingalls taken by Anna IngallsToday is Asher’s first birthday! Anna and I are just so in love it hurts. I never knew having the father’s love could be so delightful and run so deep. What a joy this past year has been. Most people complain about lack of sleep, changing diapers, lifestyle adjustment, midnight dashes to the store for Tylenol, but all of it has been such a small sacrifice for how big our hearts have grown to make room for Asher. I’ve been incredibly busy this season and for that I’m thankful! However, I want to always make time for my little man. Monday mornings I hang with him and take him on some kind of adventure while Anna gets half a day of alone time. It’s been so good to take him to the beach and watch him eat sand, or try to hike Bishops peak only to have him fall asleep minutes up the mountain. It’s fun just hanging out with him without mommy… where it just guy time and I realize that this kid is just as much mine as he is Anna’s. After we have solid time like that he tends to gravitate towards me a bit more at home. When he crawls to my legs, pulls himself up and reaches for me it’s one of the most precious experiences ever. I life him up squeeze him in my arms and kiss those chubby cheeks knowing that in the blink of an eye these days will be gone. He will be too big for my arms… too much of a man. But he will never out grow my heart. There are so many more words and pictures I want to share, but I just had to get something up today on his birthday. I may add more tomorrow. Stay tuned!