Hallie & Luke (San Luis Obispo)


Editing this underwater save the date engagement shoot made these Fountains of Wayne lyrics come to mind. So click the link for a little blog lovin' soundtrack. "I wanna sink to the bottom with you I wanna sink to the bottom with you The ocean is big and blue I just wanna sink to the bottom with you

Cars on the highway, planes in the air Everyone else is going somewhere But I’m going nowhere, getting there too I might as well just sink down with you"

Luke is my Associate Alex's brother. He's getting married this fall and I'm excited to capture it all! For some reason these guys wanted underwater shots. Probably because they are cool trendsetting kids in love. We started shooting out of water of course until we couldn't take it anymore and they awkwardly jumped in clothing and all. I was swimming like a finless fish with a snorkle mask minus the breathing apparatus. So, needless to say I swallowed a lot of water that day. Check out the underwater rig that I borrowed from Cana VP; thanks guys! Definitely something out of my comfort zone, but that's what makes life exciting right?! Had a blast playing and swimming with these two love fish.