Guadalajara With Jose Villa {Hasselblad Film}

This is my last photo installment of my September Guadalajara trip with fine art film photographer, Jose Villa. These shots were taken with a Hassleblad (120 film) camera. (It has been almost 4 years since I've worked with film!) Anna and I leave today out of L.A.X and we will have the whole 24 room Hacienda to ourselves for one night! I am excited to meet the 15 photographers that are attending the workshop and we are looking forward to partnering with Jose to encourage them in their unique gifting for wedding photography.

Not exactly sure if these pictures of Jose’s grandma are mine or his. Either way, they capture her everyday world in beautiful light.

Yo soy un cocinero.

Ingalls loves corn!

Jose took these next couple of images. I just love the crispness and attitude. Like I said before, it was such an inspiration to watch Jose interact with people and the environment. After he asked this moto-cowboy to take off his sunglasses he circled the bike to get the rearview mirror shot, all the while directing the man to accomplish the composition that fit his vision.

After I took my only B&W photography class in college I became obsessed with photographing in different cemeteries throughout my travels in Europe and Mexico. I was fascinated with the various depictions I found of the cross. Everyone portrays the life and death of Jesus so differently through this one little symbol. I love it here -broken and smashed, but still speaking a message of love and memory at someone’s grave.

This is pretty cool… So, I was shooting with my digital and Hasselblad. At one point I set the Hasselblad down on a grave only to look back a couple minutes later and see this image through the view finder staring up at me, begging to be clicked. It was such an serendipitous moment, that I wanted to show what I saw just so people would believe that I didn’t find this shot, it found me.

Just a couple shots from the Holga came out. I was having technical difficulties with the film not winding tightly.

Check out my other 2 digital posts from my time in Mexico: Mexico with Jose Villa and Mucho Mas Photos. And… check out Jose’s Holga images; they are amazing!