Good Morning 2011!


 instagram iphone picture taken by Cameron IngallsThis was my first picture of the new year. I woke up early-ish, put my slippers on and found this beautiful tree growing out of the field just in front of my in-laws house. Felt good to start the year with a single frame.

Trees are significant symbols of life to me. Their roots grow deep. They support the life of the tree and yet all of what we see are just leaves and branches. A tree planted by the water yields it’s fruit in and out of season. I want to always be that tree. In the midst of my busy wedding season I’m photographing thousands of images and swimming in inspiration. In these winter months I shoot far less weddings. It’s these times that I like to reflect, refocus on who I am and why I do all that I do. Prune back some dead branches and allow the fruitful areas to become even more fruitful.

One thing you will see coming up is a whole new brand change. This is year 8 of Cameron Ingalls Photography. 8 is the number for new beginnings and this year certainly feels like that in so many ways. My old look doesn’t define who Cameron Ingalls is in this new season of life. I’m a married man now, I’m a father, I’m over 30! What happened?! It feels like just yesterday that I decided to change my life and become a wedding photographer; 8 years ago now. I didn’t know anything about running a business or about weddings for that matter. I was just a boy with a big dream, a calling and a camera. We are getting ready to express the more mature Cameron Ingalls through font, color, images; branches and leaves. Stay tuned!

One thing I hope to share more with you in this new year are my iphonetographs. Because photography runs through my veins I always see the moments around me as pictures to be captured. I’m totally a iphonetographer-enthusiast! I know that the quality isn’t what my big cameras can put out, but it’s more about capturing the moments than making something that is perfect. Perfect isn’t even real. So there. I’ve been using this awesome new app called Instagram where I add faux-film filters on my shots to spice them before sharing them with my friends. If you want in on the fun download Instagram to your phone and follow me. Search for Cameron Ingalls or my alias Camsauce. Or, if you want to keep up on the intraweb with some of my favorites you can subscribe to my tumblr.

I’m thrilled to share my first picture of the year with you. There are thousands more to come! I’m almost giddy with excitement about all the moments, people and love that I have yet to capture this year be it with my camera or my iphone. This year is going to be the best yet!