Gary + Deedee {Wedding, San Luis Obispo/Pismo Beach}

What I love about looking through a couples pictures just after the wedding is that they are really my memories too. I was there for the moments therefore I feel a part of those moments. While I was looking through Gary + Deedees pictures I kept laughing and enjoying all of the fun memories that we shared together. Im really glad that Im a photographer. ;)

I learned during the engagement session that Gary and Deedee really arent the sappy romantic types. However, regardless of how silly they are, when it came to getting married they just couldnt avoid being romantical. We were lucky enough to steal a few sweet moments.

Garys dad was his best man. I love his white hair; what a stud!

The fabulous Jenny McNiece did the stunning floral arrangements. Deedee attached a photograph of her mother and also her grandmothers ring to the bottom of her bouquet.

The wedding was held at the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. Since the Mission is right downtown we were able to hit up a few of my favorite spots for pictures.

The cocktail hour and reception were at the Shore Cliff. The theme was Martini Party. They had gift bags for all of the couples with two martini glasses and a shaker; Simon and I even got a bag; we felt really loved!


Family cake cutting.

Im not even sure if I should these last couple of pictures, but these are my memories too so why not?! At most every wedding I shoot there is always (that guy) who wants to grab my camera and take a couple of pictures of the photographer. Well, this wedding (that guy) happened to be Deedee. She probably took 50 shots before she gave up the camera. The moment I started shaking it like a Polaroid picture I got harassed/sandwiched on the dance floor by a bridesmaid and a couple of guests. What an party!!!