Fall in Love Workshop with Becky + Jacob

photographs of Becky Filip + Jacob Wick taken by Cameron IngallsI’ve been wanting to get Becky + Jacob behind my lens since the young musicians fell in love something like 4 years ago. Monday, I asked them to model for my intimate 2 day Fall in Love Workshop and they happily agreed. They were so sweet and accommodating allowing us 4 photographers to buzz around them like paparazzi as they sparked and shared some romantic moments. These two are so talented that when they aren’t creating music they are creating art. They comprise a band called The Honey Trees. If you haven’t heard them, do it and then buy their album on itunes. Becky paints the most beautiful
meadowlark scenes and Jacob works in graphic and web design.

photographs of Becky Filip + Jacob Wick taken by Cameron Ingalls
photographs of Becky Filip + Jacob Wick taken by Cameron IngallsThis workshop was incredibly special and intimate because it was only 3 people for 2 whole days! I snapped a couple iPhone-tographs of the attendees capturing our beautiful models.

photographs of Fall in Love Workshop taken by Cameron IngallsI’ve always loved teaching and sharing whatever it is that I’m passionate about. Wedding photography just happens to be one of my greatest loves and so whenever I have the chance to talk about it, I can talk for days. And that’s why I made this workshop 2 full days. I really wanted to make it worth people’s while to fly out and have a SLO experience. San Luis Obispo is so beautiful and peaceful that everyone not only got a brain full but left feeling rested and rejuvenated.

I like to give it to people straight up. Wedding photography looks glamorous and easy breezy, but it’s NOT! A big misconception people have when they find out what I do is that I only work 1 day a week; ‘Wedding Saturday’. The truth of it all is that when I started my business 7 years ago I was working 6-7 days a week for a few solid years in order to grow my business and skills to a place of profit. It wasn’t until after I got married and got help from my lovely wife that I regained a semblance of a personal life and an identity apart from 'Cameron Ingalls The Photographer'.

Wedding photography is hard work. Owning a business is even harder work! When I meet a new head-in-the-clouds-wannabe-photographer I don’t candy coat the lifestyle that I lead. And that’s what peeps at my workshops get; the raw honest truth. But just like the major roles that most of us joyfully and sometimes naively signup for (MARRIAGE and PARENTING) being a wedding photographer and owning my own business has been deeply rewarding and drastically life changing. It’s been the hardest most fulfilling thing I have ever done. (Marriage and parenting has been slightly easier so far. I’m still in the head-in-the-clouds early years. ;)

Which is why LOVE is so desperately important. If you don’t love what you do with all that you are, do yourself and the rest of us a favor and go do WHAT YOU LOVE! Especially when it comes to something so fantastical as the sacred love between two people that leads to a marriage covenant. My Fall in Love Workshops are all about identifying WHY we do what we do as wedding photographers. If the LOVE is put first, if you shoot with your heart before your camera, if you can remove your-SELF from people’s weddings, then you can truly focus on your mission to capture and share the unique LOVE of others and make it visible through the art of photography.

Yes, I talked a lot about business ins and outs. I shared my experiences; my successes and failures. But more importantly I guided the attendees to search within themselves to find and nurture their love for photography. To discover their unique voice and the angle that they each can give to the telling of this glorious LOVE story.

If you want to come to SLO and get the full on Fall in Love experience just email me at fallinlove@cameroningalls.com! Until then, I will be in hosting a one day workshop in Oklahoma City in just 10 days.

photographs of Becky Filip + Jacob Wick taken by Cameron Ingalls