Eagle Castle Winery

I was recently commissioned to shoot some ad shots for the brand-new Eagle Castle Winery. It is nestled in the beautiful vineyard country off of HWY 46 West between Cambria and Paso Robles. First of all we photographed Bob and his lovely wife Brenda enjoying a glass of vino in the tasting room as well as on the veranda by the moat. Yes I said MOAT! The owner is so passionate about recreating a European Castle here on the Central Coast he even looked into getting live alligators to fill it. Needless to say, the County didn’t go for it. Ahh well… Our model, Bob, is also the guy who built the Castle. Bob The Builder. Great job Bob! The Castle is amazing!

Camilla Svensson Burns did an amazing job decorating and flowering the reception scenes. It worked out that they were able to use all of the beautifully set tables for the wine festival that weekend. Camilla is so quintessential, a word that I have learned from Camilla. Quintessential: Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Camilla on a number of occasions and I am always impressed with her ability to take flowers and arrange them into art.

We needed some shots of a bride and groom as well as possible reception setups. I asked around for a week or so and couldn’t find any models. Rebekah Pouge, the event’s coordinator, suggested my wife and I dress up in our wedding attire for the shoot. Except…who would shoot pictures of me? Rebekah explained that her husband had a ‘knack’ for photography so he could come along as well and snap anything that I was posing in. So I gave him a pro-photographer crash course and he did a fantastic job! We look hot! Especially Mrs. Ingalls. She was thrilled to dress up again! What a model!

This is Bryan and Rebekah Pouge. Rebekah is doing such a fabulous job getting Eagle Castle ready for weddings! She is not only organized and professional, but also a joy to work with. It won't be long until Eagle Castle is a landmark wedding venue on the Central Coast.

This is the patio on the rooftop. It can accommodate smaller parties or receptions. The view is gorgeous; overlooking the mountains and vineyards of West Paso Robles.