David + Melissa {Engagement, Avila Beach}

David and Melissa are awesome for a lot of reasons. Reason #1) They recently moved to the very dirt road in Paso Robles where I spent most of my pre-grown up life. I have compassion for them in a profound way. Reason #2) They love their cowboy boots. I vote that they wear them on their wedding day. If you guys do it, so will I! Reason #3) They are getting married on one of the most popular days; October 4th 2008. When I asked Melissa why she thought it was so popular, she said {10-4 good buddy, over and out!}

We cruised down Corbett Canyon road in Avila Beach to find some magic spots. One particular apple orchard drew us in with the cherry blossom trees that lined the drive. I neglected to see the {closed} sign displayed at the entrance. The light drew us deeper and deeper into the orchard and before I knew it some lady was yelling at me about trespassing. We didnt even think about asking permission because I figured it was one of those public apple orchards where people go and buy apples. I apologized and said we would be on our way. Luckily we got the shots before we got caught!

Sorry lady, we didnt mean to offend. We were just following the light. Hope you love the pictures!