Darren & Caitlin (Nipomo, CA)

Darren and Caitlin got married at the Dana Powers Barn in Nipomo and boy was I excited because I LOVE barns for some reason. I would have totally gotten married if this barn was operative a year and a half ago. It’s a new (yet old) addition.

We had a lot of fun because Darren and Caitlin are so stinking amazing. There was a lot of love going around and profuse joy.

Here are some highlights. Caitlin had two of the cutest bubble gum blowing flower girls in history. Darren’s grandpa played jazz music on his hollow-body Epiphone during the cocktail hour while the owner of the barn poured blue moon into mason jars for guests. Darren and his buddies took over the dance floor and busted out some wild moves. (Anna suggested I lay on the floor and shoot a picture of them all dancing around me. It didn’t turn out to be the best idea because one dude straddled and lifted my legs while dancing so I only got a shot of his hind quarters. Not a pretty picture!) The Chocolate Divas took everybody (Anna and I included) to chocolate heaven. It was a perfect day!

This kid was not excited to be the center of attention.