Dani Johnson .com

I just got back from a 24 hr trip to Northern California. I did a 4 hour commercial shoot today for Dani Johnson's website, products, and promo materials. This woman is an AMAAAAZING business trainer who speaks around the world to business owners, CEOs and anyone who wants to grow as a leader. To quote her website, "Learn how a young, broke cocktail waitress went from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name to earning her first million in 2 short years!"

I'm actually shooting Dani's wedding renewal this September. When we talked on the phone about her wedding, she asked me (begged me) to take some commercial portraits of her. I tried turning her down regarding the job because i don't typically shoot commercial work in studios... Truth is, I've never shot in a studio period! She was persistent enough and awesome enough that i couldn't refuse. I was a bit nervous venturing out of my comfort zone of 'on-location photography' and the beautiful, familiar backdrops that San Luis has to offer year round. But I knew in my heart that I to choose risk over comfort in order to grow.

Driving up last night I listened to Bruce Wilkenson's The Dream Giver on CD. Bruce shares a parable about a Nobody who wakes in the middle of the night and realizes that he has a Big Dream in his heart. This Big Dream with the help of the Dream Giver encourages him to leave the land of familiar and venture through the wastelands in pursuit of the promise land. I really related to this Nobody because a few short years ago I too set out to discover my promise land. Well, the clentcher of this story of me driving to Twainhart to shoot a commercial session for Dani Johnson has to do with the last chapter of The Dream Giver. 'Nobody' discovers a little gate in the back of his now comfortable promise land. He had never noticed the gate until now. Suddenly he hears the Dream Giver whisper, "Come closer." Upon stepping through the gate Nobody felt a familiar fear return as he ventured into unfamiliar territory. The Dream Giver encouraged him to trust once again as he was going to lead him further into the dream that he had for Nobody's little life.

So, today I ventured out of the familiar that my promise land has so quickly become and tried something new. It was a risk. I was nervous. But what I have learned from starting a business on my own is that it's always better to trust in the goodness of the Dream Giver than the safety of my couch and box. It is always better to step out in faith. And.... If I am getting too comfortable, then something is wrong because living the dreams of the Dream Giver is always more exciting, it's always deeper water, it's always something I'm not quit prepared for and it is always so rewarding!