Chris + Lindsey (Santa Ynez, CA)

Chris and Lindseys wedding was special to me on so many levels.

Fact #1. Ive known Lindsey since she was in high school and she sorta fits a little sister role in my life. She is also drama. Plain and simple. And everybody that knows Lindsey cant help but love Lindsey because she seems to make life more eloquent and beautiful just by the way she speaks. I want to say that she is like a Shakespeare musical. Does that make any sense? Well, Chris on the other hand is the opposite; quite, mild mannered with a charming smile. It is true that opposites do attract but they also balance and Chris + Lindsey are a beautiful balance.

Fact #2. Lindseys parents hosted our pre-marital counseling. And it was life-changing! Totally what we needed to prepare for one of the biggest commitments we will probably ever make. A lot of people probably dont know much about pre-maritals but its kinda like boot camp for becoming one with someone that is the polar opposite from you. It definitely equipped Anna and I for a lot of things that could and will probably be issues in our marriage. We are immensely grateful for the time and care that Pat and Lori showed to us during the course of those 10-ish weeks. I was thrilled to photograph Lindseys wedding and hopefully bless them a fraction of the amount they have blessed us.

Fact #3. The location of their wedding (Pat + Loris home) is also the same place where I got the revelation that I should leave my life of crime fighting to photograph weddings 5 years ago this September It was Darren and Jessies wedding and I was asked to photograph it as a favor. I remember it like it was yesterday, standing on the front porch and hearing a whisper say {I want you to do this}. I hear voices sometimes. And I find it good to listen.

Did I mention that Lindsey married her horseshoe-er? Its totally a Princess Bride fairy tale minus the sword fighting and Andre the Giant. My wife informs me that the first time Lindsey laid eyes on Mr. Horseshoes she watched as he rode up on a horse; literally. No lie. Chris is the man!

This is Darren + Jessie! The famous couple Ive been telling you about. The ones that helped me fall in love with wedding photography. It was like a mini reunion for us. We celebrated our 5 years like it was me that got married. Wait, that sounds weird.

Anna and I had our time on the dance floor tearing things up. We have wicked style.