Cammy’s Camera Sale!

Excellent equipment for sale! If interested email me. Everything is in awesome condition and is in need of a good loving home.

Canon Mark IIn for sale
Canon EOS-1D Mark II N 8.2MP Camera Body
* This was my 2nd shooter camera
* All of my current pictures in my website gallery were shot with this model
* Includes Original Box, Canon Ni-MH Charger, Canon AC Adapter, Canon NP-E Battery Pack, 2GB Memory Card, Canon DC Coupler, Canon Strap.

LowePro roller camera bag for sale
Lowepro Rolling Computrekker Plus All-weather Black Camera Bag
* Roller bag / backpack combo
* Protect your camera and accessories in any situation with a patented all-weather cover
* Room for laptop, lenses, filters, memory cards and other camera accessories

Canon Mark IIn for sale
Canon Mark IIn for sale
Full Size Tamrac Backpack Expedition 8x
* The Expedition 8x is Tamrac's largest pack for carrying the most extensive collection of photo equipment and most 17" screen laptops.