Cabo Wedding!

Well, we are back from our first wedding of the year in Cabo San Lucas. After getting organized and back to work I got hit with a bit of the Baja-California-Revenge. Sparing you the details, I was out of commission for a couple of days. Greatful to be rested and (almost) returned to normal, I am making a little time to share about the beautiful wedding and the amazing people that we shared the week with.

Chad and Monica met me at Monica's cousin April January's wedding back in the summer. They got a sneak peak of her wedding pictures during the reception and fell in love with my work. Monica timidly approached me, "Did you take the pictures on that slideshow?"
"Yep!" I proudly replied.
"We want you to shoot our wedding next year. Do you travel?"
"Anywhere you want me to go!" I answered starting to get excited.
"Would you be willing to go to Cabo?" She timidly asked.
I told her I would have to think about it and a second later responded with, "YES!"

From the beginning Chad and Monica were warm and welcoming. They even invited Simon's wife, Brook, and my fiance, Anna to come to all of the festivities. They assured us that since they had such a small event, the more the merrier. Brook and Anna fit right in. We all did. By the end of rehersal dinner we felt like wedding guests and long time friends of the couple. A band of Gypsies showed up to our restaurant during the rehersal and I nudged Chad to join their circle. He grabbed one girls shaker and shook it with everything he had. I think the gypsies wanted to hire him. He certainly was a crowd pleaser!

Here's an amazing shot of the dudes standing behind the infinity pool. Simon suggested the idea after we had finished the guys pre-ceremony shoot. I really didn't have enough time so I told him, if he could get them to put down their beers and try something more, than he could get the shot. Well, it turns out they were willing to experiment and Simon got this amazing shot! It's definitely my favorite of the guys.
To top the night off, Anna caught the bouquet! Good thing too... because she is the next to get married! We are getting hitched in 45 DAYS! OH-MY-GOSH-45-DAYS!!! I've got a lot of work to do! I should go now.

Check out Chad and Monica's sweet Mexican slideshow. We had a blast hanging out with them and their families. Thanks guys for being so hospitable and amazing!