Anna Ingalls' Brand New Blog!

I am proud to announce that my beautiful (and talented) wife is now blogging! But even more importantly, she is photographing pregnancies, infants and children. A year ago I showed up to the hospital where her sister had just birthed her 4th kid to photograph his first day of life on the outside. Anna and I were 'just friends' way back then. When it was my turn to hold my future nephew Anna took the camera and captured some images that were pretty much way better than the ones I was taking. Well, I should let her tell the story. Check out who she has been photographing and drop her a comment. She gets giddy when people comment!

I am amazed and excited that my wife has fallen in love with my greatest passion. I can’t wait to see all that her heart and camera creates in the years ahead. To keep up with my better half go here.