Amanda + Matt + Jack {Guadalupe}

Guadalupe is such a fascinating town because it’s both famous and virtually unknown. The city was established in 1840. California's Pacific Coast Highway, California Highway 1, runs right through the downtown of Guadalupe. The 10 Commandments as well as Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End was filmed at the Guadalupe dunes. However, when you cruise the few blocks that make up downtown it feels as if you are passing through a ghost town.

I was excited when Amanda suggest we shoot in Guada; I am a sucker for neglected buildings, train cars, historic restaurants, and 100 year old grave yards. We met up at The National Restaurant which used to be a hotel and then a brothel for a time and now is a world famous steak house. It was great to break the ice with Amanda and Matt over a couple of late afternoon cocktails. Their boy showed up halfway into the shoot for some fun family pictures. He was all energy and a lot of fun! You guys make an amazing family already and I can’t wait for your wedding!