Alex + Michelle {Engagement, San Francisco}

I live in a mellow little town called San Luis Obispo (SLO). When I meet a perfect stranger and they ask me where I live, I describe San Luis as being halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. (Usually with the visual aid of hand motions and finger pointing.) We small town folk here in San Luis, therefore, refer to San Francisco as {The City}. Having put that out there, I can now properly continue with Alex and Michelle.

Like many of my couples Alex and Michelle booked me by way of a referral from a good photographer friend and then through phone and email contact. Our trip to The City was our first in-person encounter. We really enjoyed our time together!

I showed up at their place and Michelle handed me my itinerary. She had map-quested 3 locations that played a special part in their relationship. This bride is organized! I felt like I was on a reality show about my job as a California wedding photographer and I had my list of assignments with unknown future obstacles to overcome.

We started out at their apartment complex just outside San Francisco for some engagement pictures and shots with their new son, Jordan. He was so smiley and easy to photograph! Then we explored this little spot called Treasure Island which unfortunately wasnt as pirate-y as it sounded. Then we drove to the top of this hill that supposedly overlooks the whole of San Francisco, but all we could see was grey fog. Lastly we drove downtown to the bar where they had met years ago and it was unfortunately shut down. They were bummed, but we got some cool shots after sunset in a random alley. It all worked out and by the end of the night I had accomplished our mission, to capture little glimpses of Alex and Michelles intimate relationship. Lets just say, I certainly didnt get voted off of the show!

My sister Jessica was visiting from Oregon and she came to help Anna and I out. We had an awesome time introducing Jessica to some San Francisco Sushi. On our way back from the restaurant we saw this broken mirror propped up on the sidewalk and I couldnt resist a little self-portrait.