Aaron + Sam {Muckenthaler Mansion, Fullerton}

Aaron and Sam are freakin-awesome people! Sam is one of those girls that you cant help feeling like you have been best friends for life the moment you meet her. Aaron is more laid back and that is probably why they make such a great pair. I think they actually found me on myspace of all things. Aaron saw a picture I shot of my friends band sparrows gate and it led him to my website. It turns out that my wife Anna grew up with him and we didnt even know it until way later. Its a small world after all. Speaking of small worlds, I photographed their engagement session at Disneyland because Sam is obsessed with her most happy place.

Because Sam is such a fairytale fanatic it made sense that she have such a princess dress. The wedding was at the Mukentahler Mansion in Fullerton. I feel like I am becoming a regular southern california wedding photographer with all of our recent adventures in LA. I absolutely love the opportunities to shoot at new venues all over southern California. It always pushes my creativity.

This is one of the coolest ideas Ive seen in awhile; a cigar-bar! The brides mother explained that Aaron had only one request and this was it. She happily gave him his wedding day dream. The guests watched in amazement as this gentleman rolled, pressed and wrapped a hundreds cigars by hand. The company is El Beso Cigar Co.

I still think its crazy that my wife Anna knows Aaron from Childhood. They grew up going to church together. Well, we all became great friends and here is a shot of the four of us during the reception. I'm not sure how I turned out to be so gi-normous!

Aaron and his sister Amy are acutally a budding wedding photography team. Check out their website and their blog! They have plans to take over the world.

By the end of an awesome day of wedding celebration Sam was ready to take her prince charming to their castle in the land of honeymoon.