Higuera Ranch Wedding - Lexi & Sean Chou


Their story began during the summer of 2010 in San Francisco. Lexi was nearing completion of her Biology degree and looking for a roommate to fill a vacant room in her house. Sean had just arrived in SF for a summer internship and was hunting for a place to stay when he came across Lexi's craigslist ad. They met for the first time to interview each other before moving in. Their favorite moment from that evening was when Sean, who was clearly trying to make the most of his stay in SF, said "So.... do you guys do anything? Like go out and stuff?...." Lexi was completely taken aback that maybe her introduction as a student and all the lab work she did made her sound lame. It turns out that they embarked on countless adventures that summer and Lexi was not lame at all. Soon after they met, a quick trip to the grocery store ended up being a 6 hour exploration of the city, and on and on. Sure enough they fell in love that summer over spicy Szechuan food, late night dancing at Temple Nightclub, fixing Lexi's car (that somehow was always broken), and exploring the most romantic coastline with childlike freedom. Cheers to Craigslist!

Venue: Higuera Ranch • Wedding Coordinator: Kramer Events • Florist: Adornment Flowers & Finery • Cake: SloDoCO Donuts • Officiant: Andre Revels • DJ: Lou Mars • Video: Cameron Ingalls • Hair & Makeup: Michele Payne • Caterer: Gusto on the Go • Rental Companies: All About Events, Avenue Twelve , Embellish Vintage Rentals

Makela Sparrow