2 Years and Counting!

Today marks Anna’s and my two year Anna-versary! This is what we look like after two long years of love and marriage. Pretty good, huh?!

We have so much enjoyed learning the way of love through the adventures and trials that have graced our path so far. People always say ‘the first years are the hardest’, or ‘marriage is hard’. I just think that life is hard. Life is good, but it can be hard too. Selflessness is what’s really difficult. That’s where the hardness is at! I can be such a selfish person. (especially when I’m hungry and tired ;)

Two years ago we committed our hearts and lives to one another. Making that commitment felt amazing that spring day with the sun shinning and our family and friends gathered in that green meadow out in the back hills of Arroyo Grande. However, living that commitment day-to-day can hurt… It can hurt my pride and my selfishness. But that’s why making a commitment is so amazing because when feelings and emotions turn ‘the love boat’ into a love-roller-coaster the commitment is the track that keeps us grounded and moving forward.

So I am thankful for these couple of years. They have been good, they have been hard at times, but mostly a whole heck of a lotta fun! Anna is my bestest friend in the world, the love of my life and the wife of all my days. I am thrilled that I get to ride this roller-coaster-love-boat side by side with the lovely Anna Ingalls. Thanks my bride for saying ‘yes’ two years ago and thanks for saying ‘yes’ every day since.

If you haven’t experienced any of our wedding memories yet, check out our slideshow, our Super 8 Film and even some sweet medium format shots!