Ethan Chase; Nephew #4

Since I'm on the topic... Allow me to introduce you to my newest family member; Ethan Chase Kriwinski. He is a soon-to-be. It looks like he will be making his big debut within the next few weeks. Joel and Morgan are my new brother and sister! I am so excited to be adopted into my wife's family because all of a sudden my family just quadrupled!

Getting married has changed my life in so many ways... including my business life! I am a completely new man. Anna has come in and organized my office, my books, my business. It has been such a relief to share my passion and work with my best friend. Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects is Anna's desire to begin using the camera. She actually shot this pregnancy session! I just went along to back her up and help her out. Only 2 of these photos are from me. The rest are 100% Anna Ingalls! Five bucks to the person who can tell me which 2 are mine.

Can I just show and tell for a minute? Thanks.

Two years ago when Anna and I were pretending to the world that we were 'just friends' my friend Kenny Morgan gave me an encouraging word over some coffee about my wife-to-be. After I denied any 'serious' interest in my best friend Kenny asked me some pretty direct questions like... 'What is it that you want in a wife?' While the list included many qualities that Anna possessed one of the biggies was something that Anna claimed to not possess; creativity. Kenny boldly shared what he was seeing.

He told me, 'Cameron, Anna is fertile soil. Whatever you sow, you will reap a hundred fold. You want a creative wife? You sow creativity.'

Then he dropped the bomb.

'Anna is a woman who you probably underestimate now, but one day... say when you are like 35, you are going to realize all that she is made up of and all that she is capable of. And on that day you will find yourself desperately aware that you are not worthy!'

Wow! Chills ran up my neck and I had that feeling that Kenny's words were not his own.

Well, today is our 2-month Anna-versary and I am already seeing such a multiplication of the few seeds of creativity that I have sown in my lovely wife. It is becoming quickly evident that she has more creativity than she ever dreamed. She is a quick learner. She shoots engagement sessions with me and has been practicing on our nephews.

It’s funny because back when we were just friends she would sit by me at my computer and ask all kinds of questions about how I shot pictures and how I processed those pictures in Photoshop. She always asked the best questions and I thought it was because I was immensely interesting. One day I asked her why she always asked so many questions, she told me calmly… ‘It’s because I’m going to steal your business.’ And that she has...along with my heart. ;)

We are thrilled to meet Ethan in person! Come out... Come out... Come out!!!